Thursday, November 28, 2019

back on my apple

Imagine being in a country like Monaco! Having the time of your life then ,,,, falling face first on a escalator.
OMG what a joke.. Hahaha
or is it?
I actually fell on my Adams able and it hurts.. I seem to be ok. I can breath and swallow but my neck is sore.

Of course the one time I fall and hurt myself I don't have health insurance. WTF.

The most important things to me in my life are my son, my mom and my girl friend. So important to me to get to spend more time with Ninja

He's so amazing and growing up so fast. I know that all he wants to do is ditch me. Not actually I hope tho. Fingers crossed, he's a teen now.

What am I suppose to do... smashed my throat.. no insurance and it's all on me. My own fault.
I went to bed last night thinking..

"If I die, I lived a good life. Ive woken a few hours later with a very tender Adams apple. WTF

Holy shit did I ever miss writing the blog.

I think I'll write a few more post and see how this blogging thing goes now that I'm back on taxi truth.

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