Thursday, November 28, 2019

The Wolf of Wall Street will consider me as a guest on his show if I get 500 likes.

Have you ever heard of the Wolf Of Wall street. Click here to help me 
He was a stock trader that went rogue and started to sell penny stocks. It made him a millionaire!

Well he reacted to one of my comments on Instagram the other day and said that if I can 500 like he would consider getting me on his podcast.

Now the cool thing about this fellow is that he was also convicted of a bunch of crimes.

Yeah. the dude made hundreds of millions of dollars and broke every rule in the book along the way.

Leonardo DiCaprio played him in the movie it was amazing, a film I adored

Well since he replied to my comment I decided to really try and get the 500 likes.
               go like my comment on his post! 

The wold worlds and I know it I want your help guys click here to get to the link on instagram and find my post and Like it! Ill share this with people until I get 500! Please help an author out! 


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