Thursday, November 16, 2017

Picard is Bald like me

Where in the world have I been. It's like i haven't been able to see myself for the Boss that I am.

The world has a way of filtering things so that "life" doesn't feel real. Some people think this is only a simulation. Like the images we see on the internet.

I have been a huge advocate for this. Now that we are in a space in time where tech has caught up to what I'm thinking I realize that I get to draw myself into reality from spaces like this blog.

This has been a staple in who I have become, if it were not for what I created here I would have never understood what it going on out there.

Here I am beginning to map out who I want to be in the future.

First thing is that power won't have to be something that I hold on to through force. I have already nurtured enough people out there to have a space that I can work with that does not involve anything confrontational. I am going to be well informed about the things going on around me.

The Internet is no longer a source of information like it used to be. Now it's a way of controling the youth.

I can see myself succeeding at developing an entourage out engaged young people who will be in a position to change the course of mankind.


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