Saturday, January 21, 2012

She wanted to enjoy more of his company

"We already live there!" the excitement in his voice filled the room, it was overwhelming. There was a crowd of people and everyone was staring.  One of the girls sitting over at the pavilion got up and walked out of the auditorium. Everyone one could tell he was not going to back down. "This is not a Utopia!" her voice carried equally powerful across the room except that it broke.
She was much younger then he was, "I'm older then you!" looking at her with his sympathetic eyes. "It's not about anybody but you!" his voice was gentle, the room was back doing it's own thing. "No one every remembers anything unless it's happening to them!" standing looked harder then it was. He's knees buckled. He began to laugh. She looked up at him through her youthful eyes, "I'm going to regret knowing you aren't I?" her question made sense to him. The boy sitting next to her, listening in, didn't understand.
"What?" he asked himself as he watched the man leave, "What the fuck was that guy talking about?" his question wasn't something that lit fires in her mind. "He was thrilling!" her cheeks glowing, afternoon Chapel was letting out. The Pastor was leaving when someone rang the bell. The sound scared her. "Who was that" the noise was unexpected. "I don't know!" she answered, the question came from below her. Everyone started to head back to hear more ........

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