Friday, April 4, 2008

New Sins

NEw Post. Tonight was awful, but they have been for a while now. Economy is changing, the big "BooM" is over. You can see that just looking at what changed during the night life. People can't afford to go out and spend when they pay 3000$ mortgages. Renters pay at lest 1000$ for apartments in dangerous areas. Anytime the suns not shinning you shouldn't be walking alone . 1000$ fuck. Cab rides aren't free and because of that it was hard to make money. Fuck Money$
On my way to work today I was driving up 87ave when I spotted a tiny maybe two year old toddler just strolling up a main traffic artery alone. It was horrifying to watch. I was driving in the opposite direction, there was a meridian in the way. No no one was stopping. The child was all alone. He was tittering on the curb, It was outrageous because no one seemed to care. I turned and made my way toward him parking my car on the street next to him. Someone pulled up beside me and asked if that was my kid I said "no", then I called 911. I called the cops right away, I knew the kid must live close and he wondered out of his yard and onto oncoming traffic. I got the kid out of danger, he was young but as soon as he saw an adult confront him he made his way into the parking lot behind him. Still not a parent in sight. If I was a bad guy the kid would be gone. I was on the phone with the police giving them a description of a youngster, who's not old enough to speak and telling them that I still haven't seen an adult. I was standing there in the middle of White hall square, when I saw a couple walking to their car and yelled "Do you guys have a little boy", they said "no". They waited with me. About 20 minutes after I first saw him I saw a women come out of one of the town houses. The fence was open. I asked the little boy if that's his mom, he said "no." It was, she took him, I was still talking to 911 when she got there. The police showed up, it was me standing there with the couple from earlier the one in the parking lot. I told them the story.
Prevention is key in society, someone else was not watching that little boy. There were so many different scenarios. Imagine! Traffic, sickos, the dark, getting lost or maybe finding his way back home. I bet you people were afraid to stop. I was on the phone with the police right as I confronted the child. He is not my kid, if I'm dealing with him then the police should be aware of it. Prevention.
After a "BooM" comes a War. Keep an eye on things people we can prevent the inevitable for a long time people. "The drive home" is a war zone and there are so many innocent women and children.


Anonymous said...

I am afraid the boom is not over. Major Coporations are still investing billions of dollars in Alberta spanning the next few years. That means we still have lots of money for filthy riggers to buy cocaine and hookers. Scum.

taxitalk said...

alright anonymous, at least I'm not the filthy one, but it's over for the average joe, If our government had a set of nuts they would rid us (Canada) of the corporate psycho,

Bartosz said...

There'll be plenty of money to spend at the reopening of the Black Dog tonight. See how many hipster fucks you can pick up. make sure they tip you well.

Here's to hoping it burns down again.

taxitalk said...

The trial opening was yesterday, and those hipsters got my blog address, hipster fucks represents most of Canada and the US I hope they all remember to tip well. Burn baby burn

maria said...

that's nuts dude. i've seen dogs in the street but never toddlers.

i really appreciate the work on this site. the texture in your life. you are a true artist!