Saturday, April 5, 2008

It snows lots in April in Edmonton

Holly shit did it ever snow tonight. It's April and yes ladies and gentlemen it snowed something like four centimeters. It hurt business. Business is slow all together, there are several reasons for that, I can't just blame the snow. I can also blame the cops, most people theses nights know that drinking and driving is legal in Edmonton because it causes to many disruptions for the Police force. The paper work is overwhelming and we all know many not all but lots of the EPS can't read or write otherwise why would they be cops in this shit hole of a city. So no money but that's cool. I drove several personal clients that helped me support my family and I love them all, thanx guys.
I only had one interesting fare, well they were crazy and outrageous. A women and a man, they wanted me to get high with them. Smoke a refer. I don't drive under the influence of anything ever but they insisted. I declined. I let them smoke cigarettes. On their way to the west end they started telling me how I should be getting some action in the Taxi. I told them I got a women at home, they told me she'd never know. I said "my girlfriend would know cause I can't lie worth a damn." Then the lady told me that I should just get another women to join me and my old lady. My girlfriend wouldn't like that too much. My fare on the other hand was a couple looking for a girl to join them on a little erotic adventure. The women kept telling me "I need to eat some fucking pussy, I swing both ways baby." I got them home, they were awesome, energetic and nuts. They went to smoke a fatty and fuck which is something that everyone should do every once in a while, I think but maybe they should just get loaded. Anyway have fun people or you might end up reading blogs all night alone.


Sigourney said...

I take back what I said. Just curious, but you never got some action in the taxi?

noelia ~ said...

so what if i'm reading blogs at night alone! lol