Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Brainwashed by a State trooper

I got pulled over in Alabama by some small town cops. They said I made a funny turn. That was true, I'd never been in tiny town Alabama. My car was filled with an electric bass, an electric guitar, an acoustic guitar and a bunch of psychotically packed artwork and crazy shit, plus a couple of buckets of prescription drugs. They sent the dog in, unlawfully I believe. They found green dust in the glove compartment, I was accused of transporting weed, marijuana. That was bullshit, You don't travel with weed in the states, you can go to jail for like five years in almost every state. Fuck illegal drugs when your in a car in America, the two don't mix but prescription drugs have your name on them and that's legit. 545 pills, I had already eaten like three weeks of the shit, I was like two days into a the ultimate road trip. The cop was standing in front of me with  the tip of his finger covered in a green dust."It's not weed, I don't smoke weed in the car and I don't travel with pot I know how much trouble I can get in" I was fucked I hadn't slept since the day I handed in my psych final." We can take you to jail" one of the cops kept telling me. I wasn't scared. That wasn't weed and he knew it. He found my stash of pills. One of them. Put them back and they let me go. I was traveling in good hands. I was going to start living in love, that's what I called it. I was starting to read peoples licence plates. They kinda talked to me. My buddy the Canadian kid visiting his mom and her boy friend and I talked about where we were gonna go. I wanted to go to New York. He wanted to go Florida. I had 20$ budget for gas every day my buddy had a fat account, I was a dumb ass I missed out on New York I drove to Florida with a couple of jars full of living deadness and a kid who got brainwashed into believing that the black people in New Orleans would rob us.

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Sigourney said...

This always happen to foreigners doesn't it?