Friday, November 10, 2017

My ego is weightless

"ooooh! My GOOOOOOD!"

It feels good to be free. It's easily been years. I'm learning to cope with the anxiety of being a Man.

Not that it matters tho. There is still so many things to get done. Whether I'm moving forward or just sitting back. I'm going to have energy pulling me up.

Life isn't that hard, wanting to stick around is simple too. As long, of course as you don't try to be free.

The blog is so much better than the Vlog. Everyone is watching Vlogs, blogs that suck. Here there's only ... who the fuck is there.

People, bots, women?

It's bots and spammers and me.

I am this place and this is my space, and wow I'm good at this place.

I've been anxious so often. And I have been able to translate anxiety at times in a good way, and some time the anxiety gets the better of me.

I miss being free to just do what I did when I was writing the taxi blog. Just dumping everything out every night.

It did it for me.

Vlogs don'd do that.

So I'm back... no biggie I guess. But I'm sure if I ever do get a reader they'll be happy to know that I'm here.

Comment people, especially if you've gotten this far.

As for the day, the truth, the reason I'm here. To write out my life.

Outside of the fact that I needed to spend over 600$ on a new alternator,  it was pretty good.

I've been anxious at work. You see, I actually seem to have a funny feeling about working where I do. I love the job, but I'm just not sure about what it is that I do at the store that I'm at.

I make videos that sell stuff, and I'm the best at it. And by "the best" I mean "THE BEST". Why am I the best? Well it's a series of things.
First of I'm a pleaser, I love to please people. Second I'm efficient, I just get every job done. Third, I feel connected to the work I do. Even if it's bad, it's mine and I am attached to it.

Some of the work lately, doesn't' reflect my best qualities. That doesn't mean the work isn't the best, it just means that, it's no longer pushing my limits. So that's why I'm back here.

To push back at something, to make myself stronger. To build something new, even if it's out of the old.

This is still the richest province in Canada and we are still in the capital city.

The city belongs to me and I'm proud of it.

Thanks for being here blog, you are 1 in 6 billion and there'll never be anything close to you.

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