Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ruin herself

Today I woke up feeling so lonely, I was just so alone and angry. "You're always such an asshole in the morning!" when she said that to me it pissed me off.
"fuck off" I yelled, she should have known better. "I fucking hate it when you tell me what you think!"
"why?" she asked, she had this new sense of freedom since she left me. 
"When was the last time you woke up with me!" I yelled asking angry, "and anyway we were only together for like, a few months!"
"You loved me tho!" she said condescending. "And you couldn't keep your shit together!" She was right.
"I loved lots of girls!" I didn't care if she knew now. "I still hear their voices inside my heart!" I said.
"Yeah.... and what are they telling you!" she asked all screechy.
"What are they telling me?" I repeated mockingly. "What are they telling me!" I asked myself out loud. "They're telling me you're a fucking dirty tramp!" and I was right, it was the way I felt at the time, so, I said it. "Dirty Tramp!" I told her. She looked down, sad. I was right and she knew it. "It's cause last night I saw you get in that cab with them!" I saw her I watched her

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