Friday, June 8, 2012

another mans name

I'm up she's sleeping, "the story of my life!" I always wonder how many people are up longing to be with someone anyone when the fact is they're sitting alone next to one another. Looking over at her I know I'm not in love.
"It's your feet" I whisper, "I don't like them!" It s something I never shared with her, "it s cause they re ugly" I say as quietly as possible but with a jeer towards her. I haven't slept in three days.
By six every morning she starts to stir, and it's beautiful. Her legs rub up against one another, they re smooth, she looks so good. But all I can see is her feet. One toe, the big one! is too short. The toe next to it is jetting out past him. "don t compare the two of them!" It s so quiet in the bedroom, the sound of the upstairs bath keep s diffusing my tension, I forget about the fact that we re never going to get along but we re still sleeping together.
Looking over at her I can see a smile! "Perfect" I murmur, it makes me happy to think that she's dreaming about me. Then I relax and forget about her feet, look over at the clock, "it s four in the morning," I start falling, thinking about the two of us, listening to the neighbor run the water. I m frustrated but I can think of the two of us, when I hear her moan

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Anonymous said...

That's pretty sad. I'm not sure what else I can say. Not being in-love doesn't make it easier when you know there's someone else...