Monday, June 4, 2012

I can do whatever I want, because all I wanna do is be a ......?

I d marry her right into the ground. I would Id take her all the way to .. well you know. I want to have a woman that understand me like she does.
"what are you talking about?" I asked myself, I was sitting in front of the TV. "I want to get over this shit and I want to come home to her!" I told myself.
"You should have known better!" I told myself! "You should go to bed"
"I hate growing older, alone!" And I knew I wasn't the only one. But then I laughed, because I wasn't alone. I've shared everything with a certain few.
Then I heard her voice "Well that won't last forever!" and she was right. "But I got nothing to hide from my past, Nothing!"
"So" she d say,
and I d know then and there every time

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Romance Alta., said...

Glad to see taxitalk is still in existence! Shall we embark upon a scenic tour together? Pick me up in your cabbie, homie!