Friday, September 2, 2011

Who is One of them?

"I don't trust them" sitting, edging along her seat. She was off on a tangent, her father was listening.
"Why would you say that in front of me?" he asked, honestly inquiring on her comment.
"You're one of them" turning rudely she answered. Her sixteen year old body was changing. She was growing into a full fledged women, he couldn't stop it. It was hard for him to watch his daughter grow up in such an insecure world.
"What did he do to you this time?" leaning back on the kitchen counter he spoke in his masculine way. They stared at each other for a minute, she watched him begin to clean his glasses.
"Those glasses are so old dad!" she was still swallowing her cereal, the words fumbled clumsily, he could see she was still tiered.
"What time did you get home?" replied a voice from behind her father who stood over six feet tall still leaning against the marble top. His head came spinning to see her.
"Baby did we wake you?" he asked, his voice sounding warmer, more nurturing.
"No!" stepping into the kitchen from the hallway caused her voice to come through with a boom. "I was woken up earlier  this morning by some noises in the backyard." She looked over at Stacy, both their eyes met. Neither of them wanted to make the contact so they both turned startled to have accidentally made such a close connection with someone so distant.
"Stacey what time did you come home last night" turning to embrace his wife Stacy found his voice distant. She knew that she had got his attention with her tone, not the question. He loved her and she was only six years older then her. Her fathers wife was two years younger then her older brother. The though of their relationship only made her hate him more.
"I was out with J.R last night Dad." Her voice irritated him. He knew she knew that he didn't approve of J.R. The three of them were all beginning to feel the tension. He didn't care, but Stacey felt she deserved more attention.
"J.R's a big jackass Stacey and you know it, I told you he is."  admiring the reflection of the light in her diamond wedding ring, it was a distraction to her as she spoke.  Stacey knew neither of them was going to pay attention to her problem. They didn't know J.R like she did.
"Girls lets settle this in an acceptable manner!" spreading open his arms trying to welcome both of them. Stacey hurled herself back.
"Take Rebeca dad!  I've had enough, you're just like all the rest of them!"

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