Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just fucked! "in the morning!"

"what does the guy usually end up doing after he's been fucked over"-the conversation was forcing us to get into an argument.-"Dwayne you gotta stop agonizing over this shit."- I'm always reluctant to give him advice. I wouldn't want to find myself in the way of that anger- "That mother fucker has been in my way for a long time now. I've been letting him stand between me and success for far too long." - I didn't think he'd ever realize that he had let his guard down a long time ago- "I wish I would have stood up to them before it came to this." -he was right it would have been easier on the two of us if he had just decided to man up twelve months ago.
It was eleven o clock and the beginning of the fall. The autumn leaves, and the warm tone of colors was vivid in my mind, I had my eyes closed when I heard him growl- "Right there baby" - he always talked to himself in my sleep. He used me as a punching bag, the alarm to wake me for work never came soon enough- " You getting up?"- he liked to insist that I understand that he gets up before me. I hate that about him- " What do you want to eat hun?"- everyday since before we were married. His words have become something I hate- "Coffee or tea?"- yeah I know what you're thinking, who could hate a loving caring husband? Except! Dwayne has got some serious issues. He's a lawyer, and not because he wants to be, it's because he thinks he's happy making a lot of money. We're not rich though, he's a shitty lawyer. I don't mind that he likes to pull my hair in the morning-

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