Monday, September 26, 2011

The Bank

"So what?" he screamed, he knew that if there was one person in the whole school who did anything to advocate beauty it was him. "Delete the image right now!" she insisted. He held the telephone out to his friend, "is she serious?" Her voice could be heard across the hall, everyone in the lobby could hear her asking him to remove the picture. "How do you know I'm going to delete it!" he asked, his voice agitated with annoyance. "How would you know?" his voice trembled over the phone. He looked over the set of images he created that afternoon in the institution. It was a gorgeous set. Every one piece of the action seemed to blend into the rhythm of it all. "You want me to remove something?" he was finished talking to her. "O.k I'll delete the pictures" looking through the view finder of his camera he found the two unedited Raw files still on his memory card, "you sure you want me to delete the images?" Listening he could hear her sigh in relief. It was a picture of her unlocking ........

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