Friday, October 15, 2010

400 pounds, dreaming of you!

The seasons are changing. My mind is different every once in a while. Still drudging through school. (Not True) School is cool. I am having a few problems, but once they are done I just slip into english class and listen to my Prof read the waste land by eliot. Fragments on life that represent the non believer, the empty. What the world is to those who don't "know". My life is what it is and I'm lucky to have it. I've won some and I've lost lots. I tried and I always play hard. I've had the sun in the palm of my hands and I've watched him grow. I've been in Love and felt the pain of it put me in my place. I hate being alone. I need to be alone. I am alone. I have what I know, I have my family to help nourish me and grow. I wish I could tell stories about my life again. Without taxitalk there is very little real blurred mean content available to me. Fuck late night record shops......Stop your surrounded! Im a conditioned dog who wants you to ring the bell. What to think about. Man music inspires. I should go back to bed and let all those hatters win. Fuck that, I have the dream, but where the hell has all the love gone. Who cares...... Funnnnnnn.

My mom is over... she cooked fish for supper the other day.
I guess when I went to school yesterday My jacket smelled like fish. I stunk. But I found a tutor. Even though i stunk like ffffffish, Fuck! Moms never change you know!


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LadyEdna said...

I wish you were my friend. I wouldn't suffer from such social phobia if there were more people like you. They're hard to find.

unknown vector said...

man, the haters have already won... were just fighting back now.

taxitalk said...

we Are friends!
Unless you're mean.

Anonymous said...

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