Saturday, May 1, 2010

I do what I want

I grew up with a father that shot weddings using film. He was good at it, built a huge house around a bunker of a studio. He was a photographer. He was classically trained in Europe all that junk, unfortunately the industry was much like it is now. You had to stand out to be more. My father did weddings then got divorced, and I won't. To those of you who aspire to make it as a weeding guy, good. You'll probably go far into the empty bullshit world of very boring and very average shots. You know that someone else showed you how to do, so go, copy that other wedding shooter, bring a backup guy to get those romantic moments people want to cherish when they get divorced. It's a cop out, like a weeding singer, if you get my drift. Listen you guys, photography goes further back for me then for you. My mother uses sound to produce images. I watched my fathers dreams fall apart probably because of something like anonymous bloggers who have no value. Yes, you are worthless, I'm sure you get paid so much more for the work you do, but you don't really do any right? other wise you would be working. The quality shooters sell drugs not talent to pay for gear. They're like rappers, to bad its a tough industry. Hey boss just wait, I'll be telling you what to shoot. Put you pictures where your mouth is, "Nowhere!" but you can write a mean comment, bet you'd be a good editor.


Anonymous said...

Don't think you speak of or in any way shape or form represent the wedding photographers in the city of Edmonton. You're father was his own person, as are you and in no way shape or form his or your experiences have any bearing on the success or failure of those involved in the industry here.

If you don't like it then too bad, stick with pointing the flash sitting on your camera straight onto your club scene targets for a few dollars a pop and stop bitching to the rest of the community that you're some deeply misunderstood artist and everyone else is misguided.

...or continue in your dream world and keep telling the world you're special.

Prove it with you're work, not some nobody's blog.

Anonymous said...

The demand that is put upon you to perform at such a high level of success and creativity, is so high that you cannot begin to even fathom what it means to stand out above everyone else in the photography business, let alone the wedding business.

If you want flat exposures, hard shadows, clipped body parts, poor composition, no understanding of lighting and the most unprofessional attitude you can imagine, then by all means, feel happy for yourself. You've "made it".

Delusional. It's a word you should probably get accustomed to hearing more of.

Anonymous said...

I can't get over the sense of entitlement in these blog entries. it's disgusting all you do is shit all over other people and pat yourself on the back and then complain about how hard everything is. I know your kind, your a cynic and a whiner and you can't face the fact that if you fail at something it's because you DID SOMETHING WRONG somewhere along the way, IT'S YOUR FAULT not somebody else's. PS you are getting a bad rep in the photog community because of your behavior you are to new to the scene and not even talented enough to be throwing stones the way you do. Grow up.

Anonymous said...

Wow I don't know how to start. Clipped body parts, poor composition. Don't you know that when photography started getting big in the late 1800's painters started clipping body parts because it's not something they had scene before. Composition. Don't talk to me about composition when you shoot weddings. Come on. Everyone getting married out there wants the same wedding shots as everyone else, the same backdrop, the same soft lighting. When was the last time you actually had to do something creative. Fuck You. No really Fuck you.

Don't be calling someone out because you couldn't make it in a creative industry. You want to get into an industry where you have to stand out. Try advertising. Try being a creative director. Not some lame run of the mill wedding photographer. No seriously, when was the last time you were in a dark room, when was the last time you dodged and burned, when was the last time you tried to colour correct on actual photo paper.

Sense of entitlement? Really and who are you who feels so entitled, perhaps taxitalk is commenting because people like you weren't supportive when he started out. Seems to me like you have a sense of entitlement. You been doing weddings for a couple years, maybe 20 maybe 30 who knows, made a little money I bet to, obviously don't remember how hard it was to start out. No one want's to help you, and it's gotten worse, cause now if you help someone else out they become the competition. I bet your one of those people that makes 2400 bux off a wedding and hires a second shooter/photoshop editor for ten an hour. Cheap.

I've worked hard at what I do, I've worked hard to get where I am, and I had to move away from edmonton to do it. I could have stayed there, been like you guys the big fish in the little pond. I could have done weddings, but why? Other than a pay cheque, where is the reward, certainly not creativity. I could look at all your sites and probably see the same photo, same editing, same soft light, same desaturated images time and time again, wedding photography is like working with a template. The people may change but the image stays the same.

itsyourphoto said...

thank you
please contact me
I'd like to know who you are
but then who am i lol

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous. There are people in the wedding industry who can easily pull in more money than those involved in advertising and there are those in advertising who can pull off a lot more than those in the wedding industry. It's apples and oranges. To each their own.

If you think there isn't creativity in the wedding industry then you're just not looking high enough up the ladder.

Anonymous said...

who cares?
do whatever you want, you're right you know, so get over it, do whatever you want but stop being such a pansy. lol