Sunday, May 2, 2010

I can hear the birds wake up, spring is here, mmm

Imagine driving a Limo, fucking sweet. Limos are so dirty they're clean. I once won a package to a strip club in a limo. I don't belong in bars when I drink, but I think I had a good time.


mattyfu said...

I had a friend who won a limo package to a (flash in the pan) bar we never heard of that happened to be across the street from a bar we frequented. The bar owners really hate it when you show up, drink your free drinks and then walk out the door.

unknown vector said...

i went to a strip club one time... only one time. i took a girl there for a date. she got us ejected from the establishment for assulting one of the stripers. i lurned my lesson that night.
never take a striper to a strip club she doesnt work at