Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Good red road to the Branch your hanging on

All you hipsters should move to Vancouver. Fuck! WHat a fucked up planet, we come from a fucked up hole. I am happy. I'm laughing. It's awful to live life angry and resentful. Sometimes it's a driving force, well it should be. By being happy with yourself not anyone else. It's nice that there are those kinds of forces in this place, on this planet. They're actually there to keep us on track. Sometimes they get in our way, but really they're just keepin you on the right path. This stuff all happens for a reason, we're here to watch it unfold. Like the Butterfly we peal ourselves out of a nasty little creature. Yuk. Does anyone out there feel like that nasty little worm. Cocooned up in this nasty place. It means your on the right path. So be happy.


unknown vector said...

i hate hipsters and im happy about it,

itsyourphoto said...

lol, your not the only one, hehehe

Anonymous said...

please don't send any more out here please. Lets just give them their own town where they can bitch about each other behind closed doors then pat each other on the back at the next art show.