Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lady you mean more to me then you know!

So what's going on. I'm a photographer. I've been hauling ass, trying to over come adversity. Now I don't go around complaining about how there is a bunch of pansy's out there with equipment they bought with money they received through selling drugs. I know they'll get theirs. Love is the answer to everything kids. And if selling drugs buys you love but kills kids then, your dead. I recently met an avid fan. In fact I met her at a fashion shoot. She was this little hyperactive women. At first I wasn't sure how I felt about her but she grew on me almost immediately. I've heard she is a great image producer. What saddens about the industry is the clicks. I belong to no click. That way the photos are created unique. It seems many photogs jump and cling to each other, unfortunately for them it makes them all look like clones. I've been getting the sense that Im getting a bad rap from the critiques. But that's all they are, critiques, followers, nobody's. This women I met though, at the fashion shoot inspired me. She knew me not through it's your photo but she knew me as taxitalk the blogger. When the fact that I was the author came out she praised me, and I loved it.(I love this Blog with all my heart) But she honestly believed in my blog, and my writing skills. Well Lady. I fucking owe you one. Thank you for the boost in confidence, it allows me to over look the fact that your hanging with some of the impotent photographs. They know who they are, but I honest enjoy your work. I'm not sure how you'll feel about my photographic style but whatever it is I thank God that I met you, well actually I blame him. LOL. Hey "T" I will never forget you and my goal is to collaborate with you in one way or another. I believe your are a very talented photographer and an excellent human. Unfortunately the situation has to come naturally, meaning it has to be an inspiration to both of us. So maybe one day. No flicker meets for me, first off it would handy cape the creativity and secondly I can't associate with dead beat drug dealer(I don't mind drug dealers, just hate on sloth like ones). I hope you know whom I'm talkin bout there lady. Either way I trust your judgment because I know you too. Thank you for being a fan. It means the world to me and I hope to see you soon. I am a safe ride through a world filled with sex drugs and rock and roll because of people like you. And I judge here because this is my space, that I created. I love you guys and hate you bastards, rock on and stay safe.


Pattaya Girls said...

how do u know how other photogs are funding their equipment purchases, surely it's very very small minority who do it through drug sales ?

taxitalk said...

THer is one out there I just dont like, but your right

Chris said...

I haven't been to any Flickr meets but would like to. I don't really think that going to a meet would handicap anybody's style. There is always something to be learned from others and if anything I think being around other artists helps one define and recognize their abilities as well as limitations. To pass judgment on an event without ever being to one is in a way imposing a handicap on yourself. I know I am not the best to take the first step and attend events, and have a tendency to keep to myself, but I certainly respect those that have an open mind and the courage to welcome new experiences and risk new environments and situations.

Smiley Eyes Photography said...

I truly find you an inspiration and have always loved Taxi Talk.

Just read the whole thing up to this post and was super excited you were taking about ME :)

Keep it up !!