Tuesday, April 13, 2010

And it was still one of my bests sets, hey your welcome!

Definitely starting to feel the pressure of finals. Plus summer is here, kinda. The season is starting to move forward. There is so many projects ahead, the first being to make this a good place for the sun. He's growing up. I'm growing up. Definitely expanding. Learning about the real world. Not everyone has to live in it, and that's good. If they did they would have a clue. School is great though, succeeding in academics has always been a secondary for me, but know as an adult I'm happy to be finishing up the degree. And with business successfully moving forward a diploma won't hurt to have. I know what I want to fall back, all the idiots. lol. Lately I've been noticing the cars, the taxis, the work. There is still a recession. The fucking economy still blows. I'm glad I've had to live in the real world. And I'm glad that sometimes God lets me duck out. I'm here to stay so a haven is awesome. Ha, who would have thought this would be a place I could talk to strangers. Except we all know each other. I Love the NYC Taxi though that's a guy who lives and breaths New York. God I can't wait to go there. Sober. Ha, I've been sober for a long time now. Good thing, helps when your kicking ass. The truth is we're all idiots. Just depends what you believe in I guess.

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