Thursday, March 28, 2013

mother fuckers...... boobs are wholesome! non pasteurized

That feeling as you tuck yourself in and you're alone and cold. Thinking about what you did. Most of it was awesome, the important parts fell to pieces. Thinking about the broken things is like crying over spilled milk. Building more and more relationships helps you move along. There are those of us who grow stagnant when it comes to the relationships that we are generally drawn too. People like that are the most important kinds of humans. They are the kinds of people that eventually become the Obama's, the Churchill's, the Castro s, the Stallions and the Hitlers. We admire the wrong kinds of things in the world.... all  of us do. Except some of us understand that and some of us just perpetuate the ignorance and live our life thinking we're perfect.
Humans are flawed as fuck.... Fucking flawed humans are ignorant and fat, God knows we're a rodent ... a pest, fuck he made us in his image. Except the neat thing about God is that he builds relationships over the spilled milk with all the

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