Thursday, July 19, 2012

are you gonna go my way?

"Hitting the pipe, what the fuck could be better!" that's what I always say. There is nothing like it, it's something you can do with your kids. There is nothing like doing a blunt, and hitting the high road.... no handed, to fakie. Yeah, that's my kind of dream, just me my son, on the outside, maybe playing a guitar in the the Okanogan, hitting the mother fucking pipe.
The first time I dropped in on a transition I was twelve and it hurt. It was a quarter pipe and I dropped in, it launched me on to the street and gave me road rash like you wouldn't believe. I still have a scare. I swore I'd never touch a skateboard again. Things are always transitioning. Life is always gonna change and if that don't hurt a little it ain't real. There is a first time for everything, unless of course you don't ever try anything.
My mom was working the night shift, something she had been doing my whole life, except now instead of having my father in the house, I lived in a run down apartment complex and my brother was looking after me. He was seventeen and I was still prepubescent. When he wanted to go, I wasn't letting him leave without me. We went to a party. It was a hot summer and everything seemed unreal and new. We walked together, my brother and I and we had a friend, another boy my brothers age, a diabetic. My mom had decided to accept him into our family. The Three of us did almost everything together.
My brother wasn't a smoker, I was by the time I was twelve. It was sweet, the first time I stole one of my mothers Craven M Menthol cigarettes, I sneaked it from her pack, when she was sleeping. I ran outside and light it under a bridge. I was such an act of defiance and it gave me so much pleasure I got sick. My head was spinning, but I smoked the whole thing, I dreamed it'd never end, but it did. I walked home alone after watching it burn out.
My first hit of drugs was amazing. I was so young. I didn't even understand the consequence. We were at the house party. Being the youngest there, I was holding my head up high. No one cared, they were mostly all watching The Wizard of Oz on acid. All of this was incredibly intriguing. The house was gorgeous, there were girls and booze everywhere. But alcohol didn't interest me, no, I followed the skunk smell. I was so eager to smoke up.
She was sitting outside with the pipe. It wasn't some drug pipe, no, it looked like her dad's pipe. She laughed at me as I sat next to her. I wasn't with my brother, but I was a with our diabetic friend. We all wanted to get high. They both smoked on it for a while until they got bored. "What do I do?" I asked, I had never lit a pip. She said "suck it in, and just when you think you've had enough inhale, deep." She said, "Pretend your moms coming and you're holding it in for dear life!" I did, I held the smoke in several times.... and it did nothing to me. I figured it was fake or something, but they really seemed to be high. I guess some people really don't get high the first time. The party was eventually a bust and the three of us headed back to our side of town.
The walk back was looking to be an uneventful stroll through the street, but it became so much more then that. As we were walking home a red sports car pulled up, and out came a group of what I'd now call, rig pigs kids. They were Alberta rich, four big boys, the type of kids most Canadians would say came from "a good home". They were bad. Right away they threatened to fight. They were all drunk, and their car was left in the middle of the street idling.
My brother was geek, for sure, he wore a trench coat before the trench coat mafia even existed. He was an outcast for being different, and by that I mean we came from a European home and we were raised by parents who weren't stupid, so my brother and I always had attitude. Neither my brother or his friend were fighters, and I was way to young to be able to step up to one of those dirty jock type of animal people. They robbed my brother of his Star Trek pin. They gave me a Lennie Cravits Cd and some Guns and Roses!
I learned to skate in NewMexico!!!!

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