Sunday, October 9, 2011

Just to chill!

I've been really hard done by, she broke me. I was fixed on seeing myself as her equal, but then we crashed. I had no idea she was in it to gain such big steps in life. We were working on this project together. I couldn't help but look at her feet. She was all over the place. We were a good match, at least I thought... at first.
"Where you going?" the questions started the moment we needed to leave. I was having high anxiety issues. People were starting to stare.
"Why don't we just stay here then honey?" He was never happy to see me act this way, especially in front of others."You know you can't stay here alone don't you?" He knew I was afraid to be alone, the sun was going down and the traffic lights were beginning to to hover over head with ambiance. "We're on the street." I looked around, helpless. He started to walk away.
"Where you going?" my voice echoing, the others clearing out, harassed by our shrill. The cool autumn air tightened our backs, he shivered. "Why can't we just stay here, it's not that cold yet." I didn't want to leave, mom and dad had been fighting again. He was cold. He wanted to watch T.V, we'd been watching it for a long time, I wanted things to change, he wanted them to stay the same. We had to leave. "I don't want to go!" He got on his bike and rode away. The sun was following him along the horizon, I was watching him gain momentum as his shadow fell forwarded. It made me laugh. Eventually I couldn't see him anymore.
Traffic kept up for the first little bit, the lights cooled me, their thought. I was waiting for someone to find me. "What are you doing here?" He asked me so quietly, he had a deep voice. He was wearing a thick coat. A white jacket.
"Waiting!" I surprised him. He jumped, he thought I was going to be scared but I figured my parents were right behind him. "How long you been here little one?" more questions I thought.
"I didn't want to go home! I've decided that I didn't want to watch anymore T.V like my brother." I remembered my brothers silhouette forcing it's self forward through the dusk. "He didn't want to go home, but he went back anyway" it came out as a laugh. He laughed too.
"They almost always go back when they don't want to." The wind picked up forcing his voice forward. I was sitting silently, watching the moon fancy herself finding herself on the incline. He watched me smile over the rising. The traffic made noise's. "I find the sound of the sirens soothing, like a calling out to me." An ambulance slowly blew in singing, the distance distorting it, it made us both laugh, we couldn't even see it hurling itself to some fate we couldn't fathom. "He's a goner!"
"You think?" My questing stunned him. He was alert, we were alone, I wasn't scarred of anything. He knew that, the creases over his brow bent sorrow over his eyes, the bright yellow leaves were the last flickers of highlight over shadowed by the night.
"The sun's gone! What we gonna do?" He was so soulful, young too.
"We're not here to play hopscotch!" I was right.
"How we gonna do this?" I could see he didn't know what we were suppose to do. His thick jacket was keeping him warm though, I was getting cold.
"Come closer!" The sense I got from it was welcoming but I hesitated, and he saw that.
"But you're cold!" we laughed, and I fell into his arms. The clouds sought significance form us. And my heart was still, we sat almost laying there until the morning fell. My brother came back with a bat.

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