Friday, June 11, 2010

Nausea on the bus and a concussion

I can remember being a pompous asshole at the dinner table that night, even though food was the last thing on my mind. I did try to eat, except it was to show off my excellent ability to use the cutlery. The night went on, we had the local ski instructors bring in a whole whack of booze. In the United states the legal age to drink is 21. I was 22, Jill was 20. Most of the student on the trip where somewhere in between. I drank Tequila that night and my room was the the place to be. Everyone was having a good time. I remember playing that Spanish tune on the Guitar. All the international students sang the lyrics. It was great. By the end of the night no one wanted to leave. Eventually the party died and only a couple of girls were left and some local guys. THe dudes were just hanging around hoping to see some action. I had a lady, and I was happy. I can remember being so drunk and belligerent that they almost kicked my ass. Thank God for Louise and Jill they got them out of the hotel room before I got to them. I talked so much shit that night, and for some reason Jill stuck around. I asked her to stay the night but she ditched my drunk ass. I fell asleep next to Louise my Spanish companion. He was so great! So full of "Passion!" I can remember waking up three hours later. Tweaked I guess and hung over, I couldn't sleep. I stumbled over to the bathroom, the clock on the wall said it was 8:00 am. I popped a couple of pills, took a shower brushed my teeth and went down to the chalet to drink some coffee and start to snowboard.

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may the peace of the loard be with you