Saturday, August 2, 2008

Greyhound decapitation

decapitation on a greyhound, I am going to have nightmares, ever since I saw another taxi driver get his throat slashed I understand what Most Canadians don't. This place has just as much funk as everywhere else, hell the boom made more. Alberta is a breading ground for the devil. Except us Canadians swim in Ignorance. I would love to have the bus drivers of that bus be in my Film. Sounds Fucked I know but what happened on that bus was aaaaaaa, Scary! I wonder if the guy was psychotic, on drugs, maybe both. I wonder if this was the way he wanted to become famous. Did he get on the bus and know he was going to kill someone? DId he get all angry during the ride? WHat made him snap? That's what I want to understand cause working as a cabby in Edmonton I know I saw him delivering those papers at night. He was a paper boy, but he went mmmmmmm postal or what would you call that? Way beyond postal. He used sisors. FUck THat story is a prime example of the direction or society is going. Don't understand me, well read "learn to swim"

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