Sunday, August 24, 2008

film maker in progress

The first day of the shoot my audio took a dump. There was a story though. As I was returning from dropping someone off. A threesome, and the women were dominatrices. Well I was on my way back when I saw three kids kicking the shit out of two dudes on the side walk. Not a big deal but then they started to curb stomp one of them. I was off 118ave so I knew that I was in the hood and that these kids might actually kill the kid under the boot. I stopped and got my camera. Got out of the taxi and pointed it at them the bad guys ran. They scattered, I called 911. The whole ordeal was caught on tape. There is a clip in the footage where you can hear my voice saying I think we stopped them from stabbing the kid, then you here the cop saying They stabbed him. Fuck!

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