Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Logic is for the pope

There is so many ways to love. There isn't that many actually.. there is only one. When you love yourself you indulge in other.s.. when you love others they indulge in you. You love others by loving yourself and looking to yourself for the solutions to the problems in your life. If you look to others you'll avoid everything.

I fell in love with this woman a while back...I fell in love with her selfishly though. She was my soul mate.. but I wasn't destined to stay the way I was. Souls change. Peoples hearts don't. Heart is a much more reliable fabric in which one should invest their live. It's funny though because the heart is a vehicle for the soul. Most people don't let themselves take control of their heart. There needs to be more control over everything.. so most people just let there soul stay in their head.

There is many ways to love... but there is only one way to indulge the heart and that's to let it feel. The hear isn't numb. The soul can't feel. So it's scared of hurting it's self since it doesn't know when or if it's hurt, logically it assumes that it's wounded and shouldn't take any risks..
Heart and soul need to join or you're nothing but a fake.


Froggy said...
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Joseph Burben said...

Froggy not fair .. who are you????