Tuesday, May 28, 2013

WHy am i depressed

How do I want to do this. I want to be recognized for what I've done. It's hard being from Edmonton because this is a municipality that would rather get up all hung over and work the rigs then stay up all night and paint the world red. We live in a rust bucket. It's the way it is. If there is any talent here it's eaten up and commercialized then assaulted so bad that it stops working. Good art is always under the radar. It must be. There are people out there that advocate for the shittiest things. Those things often appear to matter but honestly they don't. For example one of #yegs most sponsored youth shelters has over 80 employees. They only take care of 27 kids. They have a 5 million dollar budget. wtf . Plus any kid that uses their programs stays on the streets!! So why does everyone fall for their marketing techniques!! Cause no one really gives a flying fuck!

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