Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just a little something something

Taxi talk introduces us to himself in his taxi and tells us the story of his beginnings and why he is creating the film. Then he begins to approach others that work in dangerous fields. Throughout the film specific camera angles will be used to represent the streets, the people the outcomes of the events. These angles will create a look and feel that corresponds to the way society actually feels about the characters and where they are going. Each interview will be a mini film in which the audience gets told the answers to a series of questions. The questions will take the worker through the scenario he or she wants to tell us about and then goes deeper and asks what we can do to change what is happening to our society and culture for the better. These people hold a key to dealing with the presence of a demon at night. A monster that most of us close are eyes to, these working people understand the situation far more accurately then a person who has never been exposed to it. These are the people whose stories need to be heard to open the hearts and minds of those not directly exposed to the Underground but none the less are affected by the consequences of the Urban Undergrounds actions.


Victoria Von Swarovski said...

Man don't even worry we all break down sometimes. It's just too much sometimes I mean shit always goes wrong every time I'm ahead I get some massively expensive disaster and it's usually my own fault. You just have to keep making good happen you know. Make sure you get out and smile and don't forget that I'm here and I know what its like to hurt we should hang out man.

Sigourney said...

Wow, a movie? Someone is really making it big ;-). Anyways, you wanted to know why someone like me enjoyed so much reading your blog?
To be honest, I was just looking for a good read around blogspot which first caught my attention when I read 'sex and shanghai' (which is a really good read btw). Yours also turned out to grasp and hold my attention since, first of all, your title was an interesting one. Most foreigners in shanghai roam by taxi for the most part and I know I enjoy talking with taxi drivers who take me home at 5 in the morning, and taxi drivers who take me, safely to destinations elsewhere. My friend once put me in a taxi when I was about to meet a big mistake and she told the taxi driver to take good care of me which he tried very hard to and took me around looking for the right place until I was sent to the door and didn't charge me anything. Besides, your blog is very honest and shows a lot of who you are, not just random writings that you see just about anywhere to attract comments.

Anonymous said...

Good !