Tuesday, June 24, 2008

On the Job/Urban Underground

"Urban Underground/On the Job"opens the door for people who have been exposed to the urban underground at work. Fire fighters, police, taxi drivers, bouncers, bartenders, security guards, custodians, bus drivers even snow removal people, can share their stories about how they are affected at work by the "underground."

As a taxi driver, I was on the job when I was exposed to a world I never knew about. I used my blog, myfares.blogspot.com, to express the experiences I could not escape.

"Urban Underground/On the Job" goes deeper as well, diving into other urban underground issues such as gangs, prostitution, drugs, and homelessness from the perspective of the people who work with them. Hear, see, and experience the stories of innocent people, the average Joe, working and dealing with an anti-society society. All of these are aspects of this multi-faceted concept. On the Job deals with the "in-your-face" issues of today.

Anyone who has a story that they can contribute is more then welcome to email me or leave a comment. Thanks
New comers read the older post, I was the youngest taxi driver in edmonton, this is a shit hole of a city

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